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Dirhams and Dunes is a personal blog looking at ways to save and invest your money. Originally aimed at expats living in the UAE, I've aimed to provide a variety of content from places to visit for less to advice on where to save for families and investing as an expat. As a mum of two, I'm hugely passionate about supporting more mums and women learn how to invest and take control of their finances. Hopefully this page will inspire you wherever you are on your financial journey.

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The world of finance and investing has often felt an alien concept for many women and mums in particular. Through providing a regular blog, my goal is to support you in saving and investing your money wisely, so that you can save for the future whilst still enjoying life here.

As a fellow expat, I understand the financial challenges of families living in the UAE and the importance of finding ways to save money while living here. Hopefully this blog will provide some pointers to help wherever you are on your journey.

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About Me

Saving. Experiences. Inspiration.

We moved to Dubai as a family in 2022. Primarily as an opportunity 
to save and invest more than we could in the UK, and to set our kids up for the future. While here, we want to explore everything Dubai and this region have in store and creating happy family memories along the way.
Receiving a financial education is something I wish I had at school. It's taken me until my thirties to understand how and where to invest and I'm passionate about helping others realise the potential in saving for the future. Talking about where and how you save shouldn't be seen as a taboo so by writing about it openly hopefully others can be inspired to take up new savings habits.


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